Movement For Healthcare (MFH™)

While working with diverse patient populations, Dilshad saw that there were enormous benefits in helping patients cope with illness and improve overall quality of life. This led to the development of Movement For Healthcare (MFHTM), an education program designed to equip and certify healthcare professionals in therapeutic movement techniques.

MFHTM has a mission to deliver the immense benefits of Movement Therapy to the maximum number of patients with varying conditions, injuries, and illnesses. The MFHTM Training Program is an introduction to the basic principles, techniques and methods of effectively using movement concepts with therapeutic value, for specialised patient populations.

This comprehensive course is geared towards caregivers, nurses, physiotherapists, psychotherapists and healthcare professionals who wish to use therapeutic movement concepts for patient populations and in enhancing healthcare. Hands-on methodologies used in the course – demonstration, reflection, group discussion and active participation.


Participants will learn :

•  Movement Interventions: encourage kinaesthetic awareness, body-mind integration, stress reduction, flexibility, and core support.
•  Sequential Body Isolation exercises: a combination of isolation moves that work the entire body, to get more depth out of a strength training routine.
•  Improvisation Activities: Participants will be equipped with tools to understand new ways of helping clients in moving their bodies for enhancement of health and well-being.
•  Somatics and Movement: help clients become aware of how their current state of mind affects their gestures and postures and facilitate positive change in self concept.

•  Adapting specific movement activities for different age groups / specialised populations.
•  Relaxation Techniques: Dynamic methods of movement re-education that provide tools for reducing everyday stress through more efficient use of the body

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“Movement Therapy had a very soothing and calming effect after the stress of surgery and treatment. It helped me deal with some people who projected the feeling that ‘now her days may be numbered’.  Breast cancer is very traumatic for a woman and so the Movement Therapy created the reassurance that I am still the same within, though physically some changes have occurred.

I felt more in sync with life; I even went on to do things I had wished for but not tried, like Sky Diving.  Three years down the line I feel good and my profuse thanks to Dilshad for having reconfirmed my faith in my own self through this unique therapy.”

Mrs. Baku Abrol
Cancer Victor