Movement Therapy for Sports (MTS™)

The Movement Therapy for Sports (MTS™) training method enables athletes and sports teams to fine-tune physical and mental performance. MTS™ uses a scientific approach, empowering athletes to fully maximise potential and gain well-rounded athletic development. MTS™ is part interpretive, therapeutic, team-building and performance enhancing.

It uses movement to tap into the psyche, creating new internal pathways to achieve mind-body synchrony. MTS™ enhances the mental, physical, emotional, social and cognitive well-being of the player. For example, athletes who have undergone MTS™ training report improved concentration, hand-eye coordination, energy levels, balance and an enhanced awareness of their own body movements as well as those of other players around them.




Benifits of MTS training

The MTS™ training method is unique in that it has a holistic approach to all-round individual development.

•  Improved self awareness in terms of movement potential.
•  Enhanced spatial awareness – distance perception in relation to others and self.
•  Understanding the relationship between moving objects and people, at varying speeds.
•  Understanding how each individual player’s body moves.
•  Improved willingness to take risks and problem solving in the field.
•  Overcoming inhibitions to facilitate correct movement technique.
•  Articulating emotions and overcoming mental hurdles in training.
•  Improving eye contact and hand to eye coordination.
•  Improved connection of the mind and body, enhanced communication of each player and between team members.
•  Improved confidence, self esteem and team spirit.
•  Balancing the right and left sides of the body, maintaining or recovering balance during movement and injury prevention.

•  Overcoming stress and fatigue to maintain concentration and focusing on the goal at hand – e.g. emulate a teammate’s wrist action and grip to improve delivery while bowling.
•  Addressing personal and professional issues that may hinder peak performance.

MTS™ training has benefitted elite sports teams such as the Rajasthan Royals in Seasons 3 and 5 of the IPL and the Canadian national cricket team during their training for the 2011 World Cup.

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“There are many benefits of Dilshad's program, however where I saw the most significance was her ability to identify movement patterns and seek to correct and balance individual problems. I feel this has direct application in injury prevention and overall sports performance. It is clear from my interaction with Dilshad that Movement Therapy is her lifelong passion. I strongly recommend her work to anyone seeking a well-rounded, qualified, and experienced therapist.”

-John Gloster
Physiotherapist, Rajasthan Royals