Empowering the Emotional Space through Movement

Movement Therapy is based on the scientific concept that the body and mind are in constant reciprocal interaction. Motion influences body image and leads from a change in body image to a change in psychic attitude.

Movement Therapy works from the premise that the mind and the body are inseparable, such that a change in one effects a change in the other. It is the psycho-therapeutic way of working with the body as the focus and it enhances a persons over all well-being.



 Applications of Movement Therapy

  Finding inner peace through stress release, enhanced energy and mind-body synchrony
•  Performance optimization and well-rounded individual development
•  Using healing nature of movement as an observation/assessment tool
•  As a means of choreographing responses to emotional issues
•  Promoting self-worth through echoing and answering individual movement
•  Empowering the emotional space in relationship to the body
•  Equipping individuals to adapt their inner space to the external surrounding and situations
•  Helping find innovative solutions to issues, by using the body as a tool.
•  Improving mobility, flexibility and postural awareness
•  Injury prevention and overall mind-body health
•  Altering movements by retraining muscles as per the participant’s ability
•  Connecting the brain, body, and psyche

Movement Therapy outwardly projects the individual’s internal expression, creating an outlet for any internal imbalances. It enhances the mental, physical, emotional, cognitive and social well-being of an individual. Movement is a statement of one’s feelings, energy and desire to externalise internal expression. External situations are constantly changing. MTs help clients to adapt their inner emotions in relationship to external stressors.